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Questions about the outcome: village dog breed (Eastern European) and dog history

Two of my Romanian rescues came back as Pekingese Village Dog x EE, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what the Village Dog actually is. (Results of Lucy and Shmi)

I searched online for a bit and a number of other posts say village dogs look the same no matter where you go, but once I checked out the purebred EEVD on Embark , they don’t look alike anymore. much like Shmi and Lucy only have a few similar features.

As I know, dogs descend from several kinds of wolf groups (which are now extinct?) And then a number of these dogs stayed near humans and villages (while the opposite group remained wild). Among those dogs you have a group of domesticated dogs that are basically completely hooked on humans and became (were bred) the breeds we all know today and another group that stayed close to human settlements but still roamed around. and the people are an equivalent village dog that we all know today. Am I right?

I guess when wolf-descendant dogs put up with the location and which group of wolves they descended from, they developed different traits, but they were always reasonably similar, which is why the articles say that village dogs (and native wild dogs) everywhere seem fairly equivalent (30 to 40 pounds, beige in color, pointed erect ears). once i checked out pye dogs, carolina hounds, australian dingoes, new guinea song dogs, east asian village dogs etc, i could understand their similarity.

But once you look at Get on Board and check out the 100% village dog types, there is a range of different sizes, traits, colors, furs, shapes. I can’t find overall qualities for purely supported looks. Does this mean that between the primary days of village dogs and now there have been mixtures with other breeds? I ask this question because it is said that Shmi and Lucy may have a trace of GSD, although it is said to be pure village dog x Pekingese. If so, then why is it not said village dog x GSD with Pekingese? just because it was a long time ago, so it has become negligible?
Or does it mean that through free breeding, changing climate or environment, different genes take over over time and this is how such a special type of dog has become? town ? almost like how humans “developed” different races on the other hand in a more natural way?

Sorry for the long question / explanation, I just found how it works very interesting but I don’t think I got it right. Anyway i will keep saying my dogs are Pekingese mixes haha, don’t think anyone asking what breed they are wants to hear the reason: p If you have a village dog please share this please !

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Bonus story of my dog

Ferris has been my psychiatric service dog for years, but after a nasty car accident in January left me with permanent nerve damage, he stepped up his efforts and also became my mobility assistant. We’re on a train across the country and he’s been a great travel partner. Bonus: VERY BEAUTIFUL

Ferris my dog

Need advice regarding my dog’s bite / anxiety / brawl history with other dogs!

My girlfriend and I have two rescued youngsters (these are really her dogs, we just live together), both over a year old. She saved the first, Charlie, in April 2020, when he was around 8 weeks old. It is a kind of Mexican street dog, terrier, leopard dog, GSD mix. Idk really. He weighs around 40 pounds. We don’t know exactly what his upbringing was like before the adoption, but there may have been some abuse. He has always been anxious with strangers, especially men. He definitely barks when people / strangers approach him but have not been outwardly aggressive.

Since we got him, he’s bitten three people. the two main ones being in self-defense type situations (people approaching him, trying to select / grab him), and therefore the most up-to-date when a soldier was trying to interrupt a quarrel between him and a other dog. It should be noted that neither my friend nor I were present during these incidents (our puppies attend the daycare several days a week).

While Charlie has always been very playful with other dogs, he has now argued with other dogs on four occasions, all in the past month or so. the first two were with this 10 pound dog in our apartment but in Charlie’s defense this other dog is also a rescue and has a lot of issues / Napoleon complex. The third incident happened between him and this Shiba Inu who also lives in our apartment. He has played with this dog in the past on several occasions and had never been aggressive towards him before. It was only recently, as mentioned above, that he came into contact with another dog at the daycare, after which he subsequently bit the daycare staff.

So I guess my question is, what do I think about his behavior, both towards humans and other dogs?