The Top 10 Dogs Photos with a lovely action

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  1. I took pictures of him barking on command … can’t decide which one I love the most

2. Well, I have decided that I will keep one male and two females from my litter D. I need name suggestions, I should start with D! See the captions for who’s who! Thanks!

3. Safe to say he’s enjoying the snow

4. This big guy got called “aggressive” for barking and lunging at someone who opened our door. We say, “good job boy!!”

5. This is Troy! He’s 12 weeks old

6. Happy Holidays Leonard! I’m 8 months, 82 pounds and I love pet stores … because it’s the only store I can go into 🐾🐾

7. Lamborghini has DM but we won’t let that stop us from enjoying the time he has

8. “Dad, how do I get her to pay attention to me?”

9. After 2 years since the passing of his older “brothers”, he was finally ready to find Axl a friend. Meet Blondie!

10. What a difference a year makes! 💕 Gigi & Maddie

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