Best Games on Roblox: The 10 Best Roblox Games You Should Try and Play

Are you looking for the Best Games on Roblox which suitable for you to play? Then you have visited on the right place. We tried to research and list many best roblox games that are good to play.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that provides its users with a diverse variety of games to choose from.

Roblox is known for its free kid-friendly games, but that doesn’t mean there are not any enjoyable adult Roblox games. It is also massively multiplayer sandbox game with a gamification development kit and in-game economy. It allows everyone to create new worlds and assign rules to them in order to make them playable.

Players earn virtual credits for sharing their creations, which can be converted into real USD if the game is effective. Despite the fact that there are a few alternatives to this popular gaming platform, Best Games on Roblox remains one of the most successful gaming brands. Every month, about 70 million people play this Lego-like sandbox game. Roblox has over 2 million content creators who have produced over 11 million titles. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable games built on the platform over the years and see what opportunities Roblox offers for game developers and players.

Top 10 Best Games on Roblox 2021

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Best Games on Roblox:

1. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

As the Roblox edition of the various murder-mystery titles, this title would undoubtedly carry back childhood memories. In this game, there are three types of characters: innocents, murderers, and sheriffs.

The Innocents’ mission would be to hide from the Murderer and expose him. The Murderer’s aim is to murder people. The only one who can save the killer is the Sheriff.

2. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme

The game’s instructions are fairly self-explanatory. Ethan’s Bedroom, The Store, The Kitchen, the Workshop, Cursed Cavern, The Backyard, and The Attic are the seven maps available to players.

When the game starts, a random map is chosen, and the seeker role is assigned to a random player. The seekers may also use a variety of skills to quickly catch the others.

3. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival is one of the best games on roblox to play, but it is one of the oldest Roblox games, and players enjoy returning to it on a regular basis. In this game, players must survive a series of disasters.

The game comes with a whopping 16 maps, one of which is selected at random at the start.

Players are not alerted of the type of tragedy that will befall them, and they only have 20 seconds to plan.

4. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

If you have had your fill of shooters, this is a fun game to try your hand at some imagination. Build your own theme park and attractions, then test them out for yourself! Tycoon games are a fun way to unwind and work on something that will evolve with you over time.

5. Arsenal


This is a fun choice to check out if you are looking for some good old fashioned deathmatch type gaming with a twist. You are given a gun to begin with, and each time you kill someone, you are given a new one. The aim is to get through all of the weapons first, and then you will be declared the winner! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had a similar game mode called Gun Game, which has since been renamed Arsenal. I liked the game’s standard mode, but I did not care for the Clown option, which turned people into clowns at random and forced you to fight them off before the disease spread to everyone. It’s a nice change of pace, but I still prefer vanilla mode.

6. Bad Business

Bad Business

This is the best gunplay I have ever seen in Roblox. It has a competent FPS style of feel, so if you are looking for that, this is a great choice. You can also tilt left and right and roll, allowing for smooth and dynamic movement. I really enjoyed being able to grapple up into higher ground, which made running across the map more enjoyable. There are a number of game modes to try, so you won’t get bored if you get tired of the traditional deathmatch. The maps I tried were a little TOO big; they could have shrunk the sizes, but that’s a minor quibble. I found that the starter guns were sufficient for play, and that you did not need to spend Robux on upgrades to perform.

7. Q-Clash


I’m shocked this game isn’t more successful because it’s a pretty good Roblox-based version of Overwatch. If you have played a class-based game like this before, there are several classes with distinct play styles, and it’s even different enough to provide a change of speed. You have a number of free options to play with. You have the option of healing, tanking, or dealing harm. The maps are either king of the hill-style or require you to drive a cart to a particular target. The one drawback to games like this is that they can be harsh if you do not have a good squad. Try to fill in the holes in your squad’s diverse positions. When it comes to this team format game style, healing and tanks are always in demand.

8. Mad City

Mad City

Mad City was a fun game to play that gave you a few different ways to play! You might either be a cop who foils criminals or a thief who breaks out of prison and goes on to rob some businesses! If you choose to play with superpowers, there are also heroes and villains to choose from. Since most people were playing bad guys, I thought it would be more fun to play as a cop and stop people from committing crimes. Being a thief, on the other hand, is a lot of fun because you will have to solve some security puzzles to get your hands on the cash!

Since this game is not pay-to-win, I was able to jump right in and feel like I was on an equal footing. You can upgrade your weapons with Robux, but they are not expected to have a good time in Crazy City.

9. Strucid


This is clearly inspired by Fortnite, so if you are looking for a game like that, this is a great option. You won’t have to think about harvesting to replenish your supplies because the structure is very robust. If you have played Fortnite before and do not want to play against hardcore teams, this is also a good choice.

10. Swordburst 2

Swordburst 2

Swordburst 2 is a solid choice if you are tired of weapons and looking for something fantasy-based! The game’s appearance and overall atmosphere appeal to me. However, I believe that the early part of the game is a little tedious, and that they should introduce quests or abilities much earlier to make it more enjoyable. However, if you are looking for a role-playing game, this is a good choice to consider.