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Brawl Stars: Game Review

Brawl Stars is an action packed, arcade mobile game developed and released by the Finnish multi-player game company Supercell. The game is based on the famous arcade video game franchise of the same name and has been remade as an enjoyable and addictive mobile game. The game’s storyline centers around the never ending battle between the evil wizard Aglar the first boss and the powerful warrior Aladdin. Both of them have taken up arms and are preparing for battle to take place on a world-wide stage. The story portrays a love story that is worth remembering, for this is one of the many reasons why I find myself playing this game regularly.

Like most of the latest and most popular games in the gaming industry, Brawl Stars boasts of a number of interesting features that make it stand out among its competitors. Among these features includes an all new adventure and leveling system that not only keeps you engaged but also leaves you craving for more once you complete the challenges within the game modes. Another exciting attribute of this mobile game is that the game modes are divided into two main categories namely the versus and co-op modes. In case of Versus Mode, you pit your wits against the seven evil bosses of Aglar and showcase your fighting skills using the various weapons available to you.

The game modes in this version include the Story, Endless and Multiplayer. The Story mode allows you to experience the fun of interacting with the characters involved in the story, while the Endless game mode allows you to continue your quests without having to replay the earlier levels. In Multiplayer mode, you can pit your wits against others in competitive game competitions using any of the available characters from the game. The prize pool in the game is also substantial, allowing you to collect the maximum number of collectibles.

As a free to play mobile game, you can simply indulge in some virtual pleasure within the secure online environment provided by Brawl Stars. It allows you to build your reputation as a master fighter by gaining experience points (IP) and mastering several interesting modes. You can even visit the local or online shops to purchase various items required for the game and improve your powers. One of the most interesting features being offered by the game is the ability to upload your own artwork featuring your face in different modes and competitions that can be viewed by other players of the world. This unique feature of the mobile game also provides an opportunity for fans to meet and develop relations while playing the game.

Apart from these exciting and novel game modes, there are several other features that have been integrated in the mobile version of Brawl Stars. Among them is the multi-player mode, which supports up to four players at a time. The other game modes include the Story, Endless and Multiplayer. In the Story mode, you can have access to the game’s different characters including the six classic fighters who first appeared in the smash hit movie, Smash. In the Endless game mode, you need to save the four children who have been abducted by the Dr. Darkken and proceed to fight him in a climatic battle. The multiplayer mode supports both two players and four players simultaneously.

The game has a powerful leveling system that lets you choose your difficulty depending on how challenging you want it to be. There are various levels based on the power level you have chosen to be, which range from easy, medium and hard. The game offers the users with the chance to buy rare gems that can be exchanged for rare and special gems in the game. The rare gem crafting techniques, which can be done by using the rare gems exclusively in this game, are interesting and diverse. Each gem has its own special attack and is very useful in your overall gameplay of the game.