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Best Strategy Games For PC

Best Strategy Games For PC

Best strategy games are fun and can provide an outlet for those who love to challenge themselves. Whether it’s a game of Monopoly, Clue, Risk, or any other board game, strategy is just about the oldest sport in human history. Whether it’s board games chess, or some new age card games, we have been playing strategy games forever, since the beginning of time.

Grand Strategy Game: Yes, it is a mod for the popular Civilization series. And it comes with the free modding pack that allows you to add your own civilization and unlock new buildings and units. If you enjoy making your own civilization and immersing yourself in the thought of expansion, then the best strategy games on the pc should be played with Grand Strategy Game.

Fall Of Rome: Fall Of Rome may not have the same addictive quality as other turn-based strategy games on PC, but it sure has a lot of replay value. As in all turn-based games, your goal is to defeat the enemy and continue advancing towards your ultimate goal. Your view will change dramatically depending on what you are doing and where you are, so you will also need to make choices throughout the game based on your current situation. Some of the decisions you will need to make include which units to fight with, when to attack, where to fight, and when to stall. In addition, you can’t build any structures for a few turns, so you’ll be making lots of strategic decisions throughout the game, and Fall Of Rome has the ability to make them very difficult if you aren’t careful.

Age of Wonders II: Age of Wonders II is probably one of my favorite strategy games on PC. It takes place during the ancient era of human civilization when your goal is to build an empire to stand the test of time. Unlike Fall Of Rome, in Age Of Wonders II you are allowed to choose from many different paths so you can spread your civilization to other regions. It’s also more visually appealing, although I find that this does take some getting used to. The graphics are decent though, and a definite plus.

Hearts of Iron III: Take command of your own nation and battle your way through all of Europe. Like with other elements of the game, your goals are dictated by the overall map layout and your tactical choices. You can recruit units, buy buildings, research new technologies, and build resources at the center of the map, just like in previous games in the series. However, unlike the other games in the series, you can play a more open text campaign where you can tell your generals what you want them to do.

Endless Legend: Build an endless army and defend your castle from waves of attacks. These are quite fun to play, though they do take some time to put together. The best games for playing on the pc are those where you can create an unlimited number of units, choose how they will attack, and which technology they have. When it comes to an endless legend game though, I’ve yet to find one that comes close.

Offworld Trading Company: Offworld Trading Company is another highly entertaining strategy game that you can play on the pc. The graphics are a little bit basic, but that can be expected with any PC title. The real fun lies in the various weapons and strategies that you can use to take over the different races in this point-and-click style game. Graphics can be a bit hit or miss as well, but it never really takes away from the gameplay. One thing I love about Offworld Trading Company is that you can purchase different weapons and items to use on each race. It makes playing the different races interesting because there are so many different options available to you.

Xcom: Enemy Within If you like tactical battles turn-based strategy games then you’ll love Xcom: Enemy Within. The game itself takes place on the western front during the second world war. You control a squad of soldier units that are on a mission to protect your base from an invasion force. You’ll be able to build up your men by picking the skills that you want them to have. These soldiers can then fight off the waves of enemies that are sent against your base until they are completely taken out.